Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Top Lead Magnet Ideas- Popups and Welcome Mats


Many businesses clients want to increase the visibility of their business and want many people to find them on Google. So, there is a difference between the digital strategies provided to the entrepreneurs and small online businesses. Email capturing is the best way that is followed by many e commerce stores and this should be done right to get the good conversions. There are many websites with the welcome mats and email pop-ups. 

Always try to visualize on where you’re going and how you can get the leads whether in the easy way or the hard way. To get the leads in an easy way, you can use the pop up or the welcome mat. You can use them over and over, no matter how many people offend them, it is the easiest way of offending your business. This is going to happen if the people who are going to buy from you are going to opt-in as you have the health leads, these leads will encourage them to do so, and they are going to buy from you as you have the good sales in place and also and good follow up and email sequence.      

The most important thing that the small business owners must note is that Google is going to penalize the sites that have the welcome mat. But as small business owner, if you are not going for SEO than you can opt for these welcome mats and popups. So , it is just an option that can be used to generate leads, but there is no guarantee that these will bring the healthy conversions. The main idea is not about offending the people who are with these pop-ups or welcome mats. But is very important to decide wether these will make the money for your business or not. For more details, please visit

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